I watched in awe of the ongoing change of the world’s most beautiful and revered flower, the peony. In my own garden, the magnificence of these flowers, dating back beyond the time of Christ, is nothing less than awe-inspiring. But beyond the beauty of the flower, lay in await the most intriguing seed pods and flower deterioration.


My series, Peonies en' Transit, are 3D watercolors. I examine the change from the flower through its deterioration and re-birth as a seedpod. I mold papers on metal to appropriate the transient changes in the natural and industrial environments. I express this cycle of change using assorted papers to capture the iron oxidation off of industral pieces of metal, connecting the natural and industrial environments. Manmade found metal objects that have been exposed to the elements eventually erode and rust conveying fragility.  The deposits of iron oxides on the paper, the bloom changing into the seedpod, expresses the transitory nature that form the works in this series.



Peonies en' Transit


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